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The Association of Rodrigues Tourism Operators

Some 20 years ago, the first tourist structure was born in Rodrigues. It was a modest boarding house. Progression has been made very slow as they now number only four..
other more sophisticated structures grew alongside them in the form of  guest houses, apartments, studios, restaurants, in-bound tour operators, car rental companies, craft markets and other local products.

With the opening up of two quality hotels in 1990,the tourist sector got a fresh start and the need was soon evident for a specialised structure that would coordinate the conception and the marketing of the tourist products.
ARTO, was born in1994.As a newcomer on the international tourist circuit, we are conscious of the lucky situation that enables us to learn from other people's mistakes and draw our own conclusions.

Apart from the legend of the chicken that lays golden egg, we have, on our island, many true values that will not fail to endear her to you.

And we have dedicated ourselves to making you live here through our very own identity rather than borrowing it from some other cultures.

A.R.T.O. members  (some 20 of us) are all dedicated to the promotion of Rodrigues as a specific destination concentrating upon aspects of nature, culture, customs, cuisine and welcome.
The association places a lot of emphasis upon the training of personnel and the upgrading of infrastructures and other relevant tourist aspects.
A common vision had to be adopted. we offer it to you through the following pages.

Mourouk Ebony Hotel

Residence Jean Louis Limock

More Information about the Boarding houses and Hotels  on the island can be viewed at :