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In general the Rodriguan is well-behaved, aw-abiding to a great extent, and respectful. You would be surprised how many would greet you in the streets and all over the country in the most friendly way. This is really a delightful experience. This sense of respect is not reserved for strangers. It is ingrained in the people.
The Rodriguan is generally honest. Serious crimes are relatively rare. In the Rodriguan's view, it is a disgrace to be sent to prison for theft, but not for illegal fishing or evading tax.
The Rodriguan is generally quiet in disposition and slow to anger. His mind works slowly too, except where he has expert knowledge, as in handling a boat across a "passe " (an opening in the lagoon to the open sea )in deteriorating weather condition.
The latest census that was carried on the island mentioned that the Population is about 35,000 inhabitants. About 95 percent of the population are of Catholic faith, the remaining includes Muslims, the Church of England (Anglican).