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Rodrigues island is considered to be the 'cinderella of the mascarene's' .Situated about 650 hundred km north-east of Mauritius at approximately Longitude 62 degrees 25 E and Latitude 19 degrees 42 S. Its greatest length from Pointe Coton in the east to Pointe Mapou in the west is just over 18 km, its greatest breadth, from Jeantac in the north to Pointe Portsuite in the south is 8 km.
The area, not including that of the many islets which surround the island, is about 68 square km; however, owing to the broken, hilly nature of the landscape, distances on the ground  and  actual surface area are considerably greater.
An island of savage beauty  where time has stood still. Its remote location ensures a calmness "out of the world". She imposes her own rhythm, defeating restlessness. She derives her charm from the timidity of her inhabitants, their simple approach to life.
Fauna and Flora