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Welcome to the Rodrigues Island  - The Cinderella of the Mascarenes Web Site.This site has been designed mainly for those Rodriguan citizens who have moved to somewhere else all around the world  ,so that they can  see how their country of origin looks like at present. Secondly to help people that are looking for an Exotic place on Earth to visit and finally to allow people browsing the web increase their general knowledge about what is happening on an island that is not even mentioned on the world map.

Dream and Reality merges into each other in Rodrigues. When the plane start  its landing approach to Plaine Corail Airport, the island appears to be a big deep blue rock amidst a very beautiful lagoon where different colours of blue are mixed. The natural beauty of the island will instantly impress you.
When the plane has landed and that its engines has stopped there is a deep silence and from the plane steps one is marvelled by this beautiful scenery that one sees.

That's RODRIGUES Island.

The calmness that prevails will give you the impression that you have stepped years back in time. The past, The present and The future are blended together. No need of anti-pollution mask, no industrial noise in Rodrigues. When you  take a deep breath, the lungs are filled up with pure fresh and tonic air, especially early in the morning.