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Rodrigues Island is of volcanic origin and is located at about six hundred and fifty kilometres (650Km) on the North-East of Mauritius,at about nearly nine hundred kilometeres (900Km) on the east north east of Reunion Island and at one thousand five hundred and forty kilometres(1540Km) on the north east of Madagascar on lattitude19,42 degrees South and longitude 62,25 degrees East.
It is the smallest island of the Mascarenes region and the biggest under the dependency of the Republic of Mauritius.The island has a total surface area 110 km square and it is eighteen 18) times smaller than Mauritius. Rodrigues is surrounded by a coral reef and the lagoon is about 200 km square in surface area.About twenty islets surrounds the island on the north ,south and mostly on the west.
The landscape is very mountainous and gives beautiful scenery. Mont Limon the highest peak is about 393 mts above sea level.Valleys and hills give the impression that the island is bigger than it seems to be.In the north ,the south and the east the mountains slope dangerously towards the sea separated by deep and narrow valleys while in the west the slopes are more smooth.
The longest distance from Pointe Coton in the East and Pointe Mapou in the west is only 18 Km and the widest distance from Pointe Jantac in the north and Pointe Poursuite in the south is a little above 8km.